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  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Process Technique: Nine-layer Tape Casting Method
  • Suitability: For athletes, sports fans and most body builders.
  • Resistance Level: 6Resistance Levels
  • Reinforced hand area.
  • Extra light weight.
  • It fits perfectly for your grip all in one extremely wear-resistant, compact package
  • Special ergonomic design with anti-slip design, taking into account aesthetics and security.
  • Harmless, wearing comfortable, flexible, breathable
  • Already Filled Punching Bag [not empty]
  • Save time to fill. Item is Ready to Use
  • Filled with Quality 100% sawdust [not clothes]
  • Good Quality item and Freegift Provided
  • Free Gloves and Free Serious Mass Sample
  • Ideal for Chest Dips, Tricep Dips, Bodyweight Rows, and Knee Raise
  • Ultra-stable support baseholds up to 200kg
  • Exclusive walk-thru design enables full Bodyweight Rows
  • Provide fully unique dip positions for Tricep Dips and Chest Dip
  • High density foam comfort grips
  • Non-skid rubber quick-adjust leveling feet enhance stability
  • 700ml shaker bottle
  • comes with wire ball for easy mixing
  • Leak proof design
  • durable and BPA FREE
  • Gym Quality Barbell Bar 1.2M
  • Bar diameter 2.5cm
  • Solid Steel Pole
  • Stainless Steel
  • Including 2 Hezagonal screw spin-locks
  • Dumbbell area 19cm
  • Weight around 4.7kg
  • Compatible to 3cm hole weight plate
  • Improved Strength & Balance – A barbell weight bar pad during lifting helps relieve pressure and pain on dynamic squat, lunge and hip thruster exercises.
  • Custom Barbell Fit – Compatible standard CrossFit and powerlifting bars, as well as Olympic weight lifting bars, our bar squat pad can be used at home or the gym.
  • Quick, Easy Installation – Each squat rack pad slips over the bar easily and secures firmly with Velcro straps that don’t impact neck or shoulder comfort.
  • Support Consistent Gains – By reducing the overall impact of heavy weights on your neck and shoulders, our ergonomic bar pad keeps you lifting pain free.
  • Thick, Non-Slip Foam – Crafted with a high-density rubber foam, our barbell squat pad is tough, durable, and helps reduce lifting strain on muscles and bones.
  • Speed Cable Jump Rope
  • Material:Steel wire, plastic
  • Smooth and quick with every rotation
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable up-to 10ft, easily changes length
  • High quality, durable wire cable, Lightweight ergonomic handles
  • Ideal rope for double-under and speed jumping
  • Sturdy steel construction will not bend even after long-time use.
  • Perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls.
  • Contoured plate isolates your arms and shoulders and keeps the back and elbows locked in curling position.
  • Adjustable webbed nylon strap with neoprene neck pad for comfort while using the blaster.
  • Boxing Glove 12 OZ
  • Polyurethane Material
  • Grip cord inside for added grip
  • Ever Cool: Mesh Panels
  • Features closed cell foam technology for hand protection
  • Ever Fresh: Antimicrobial treatment prevents bad odors,
  • Keeping the product with a fresh scent
  • Reinforced seams
  • Combo pack punching bag with wall mounted pull up bar
  • Can use the pull up bar to hang your punching bag
  • Versatile 2 in 1 combination and help save space
  • Heavy duty design and build to last
  • Free boxing gloves and all the accessories
  • 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,8000
  • Fishing Method -Spinning
  • Fishing Reels Type:Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
  • Housing and rotor made of composite -full metal spool
  • Powerful, ergonomic handle with comfortable grip. Aluminum folding handle